We Can Do It All

When we build or renovate a property, we put our reputation on the line each and every time.

Not afraid to stick our necks out to achieve in what we do, Rogan Building has grown to become a service of expansive versatility in building, providing our clients with an exceptional experience, all delivered with a positive attitude and willingness to grow.

“As a team of experienced, dynamic, young builders, we can do it all, from homesteads to town homes, commercial sheds and renovations. I value loyalty with my staff and make sure they are looked after and enjoy what they do. In return they look after our clients to deliver outstanding workmanship.”

Cameron Rogan, Director/Principal Builder

As a fully licenced building company, when combined with our reputation, local knowledge and wealth of expertise, we aim to set the bar for quality industry standards across our region in domestic and commercial construction.

Rogan Building House Renovation

    There is nowhere to hide as a business owner in our community. Our reputation for a committed client focussed approach precedes us, creating reciprocal trust and loyalty.


    Attention to the finest detail and a real affinity with the craft, working with hands to create something of beauty that stands the test of time.


    We can support you to create plans that give you the maximum amount of lifestyle and financial return on investment from every square inch of your home, property, commercial or public space.